Football Predictions Result Sheet

Good morning All!
I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas and New Year!
Apologies for the delay in writing, John is currently snowed in in the Austrian mountains and will be back next week to update you with all the results over the Christmas period.
In the meantime, this week’s predictions are now live on the website.
Good luck to all!
Regards, Greg

Football Predictions Result Sheet

Hi there!
Apologies for the delay, it’s been a busy few weeks at Predictions HQ…
This week’s tables: [image: image.png]
So the winners are:
Week 12 Division 1 – 13 points – 3 Winners and it’s the 3 Jons – Gleave, Moss and Birch Division 2 – 13 points – 2 Winners – Jono Burtonwood and Dave Royle Division 3 – 13 points – 3 Winners – Victoria Spink, Lucky Sanghera and Adam Burtonwood Division 4 – 12 points – Mikey Barrett wins it outright
Week 13 Division 1 – 14 points – Big John Division 2 – 12 points – 4 winners – Tracey Gleave, Marc Podesta, James Went and Ben Wilmott Division 3 – 14 points – Michael Garbutt Division 4 – 12 points – 3 winners – Tom Barrett, Roberto Fraschini and Ben Sharples
Week 12 also saw the replays of a few prediction cup matches:
Luke Robbo 11 vs 8 Big John Marc Podesta 9 vs 11 Carl Riley John W 11 vs 10 Andy Brown Mikey Barrett 12 vs 10 Kyle Wilson
Congratulations to the winners. John will let you know the next round of the cup fixtures soon!
This week’s fixtures are up, get to before midday to submit your predictions this week.
Hopefully normal services will be resumed next week.
Regards, Greg

Fwd: Football Predictions Results Sheet

Afternoon All,
John’s a little tied up painting his nails and waxing his bikini line in preparation for a wedding this weekend and has asked me to email the results.
Congratulations to all of our winners last week in the Predictions which are as follows;

Premier League: *Pete Louth *with 10 points
Championship: *Carl Riley, Carl Stephenson, Dave Royle and Trazza Gleave *with 9 points
League One: *AILSA MIDDLETON* matching last weeks score of 12 – that’s two wins on the bounce!
League Two: *Mikey Barrett *with 10 points

The current tables are as follows; [image: image.png]
This weeks fixtures are now available via the web, make sure you get yours in before the midday deadline on Saturday!
Good Luck!
By the way… Google has decided to update their ‘Forms’ software and the submission form in it’s current guise will break down sometime between now and the 22nd November. If you visit the website and are unable to submit your predictions *let me know immediately!*
Also, if you have any experience writing dynamic online forms, and would like to lend a hand in rewriting the form – please drop me line!