Football Predictions – Results sheet (Week 4)

Afternoon all

The ‘new era’ under Big Sam didn’t exactly take off in spectacular fashion.. England struggled to break the deadlock against the 10 men of Slovakia and needed a last gasp strike from Adam Lallana to bring the 3 points home… Different manager, same old problems for England who seem to lack any real creativity in midfield – if only Ross Barkley was English..

Dare I say it but Scotland looked far more convincing and although they went in at the break with the score tied on 1-1, the Scots ran riot in the second half as Robert Snodgrass notched a hat trick to give the skirt-wearers a 5-1 win over footballin’ giants Malta. (Just goes to show what a half time deep fried mars bars and a can of irn-bru can do!)

Northern Ireland claimed a creditable draw away at Czech Republic, whilst there was no surprises in the other games played with Germany, Denmark and Azerbaijan all claiming 3 points.

Last night saw the Republic of Ireland & Wales in action, the latter brushing Moldova aside to get the World Cup Campaign off to a flying start. Spain only managed the eight goals against Lech  Liechtin  Liechtenstein whilst the Italians ran out 3-1 winners in Israel.

The games between Croatia & Turkey, Finland & Kosovo and Ukraine & Iceland all finished 1-1 last night – so if you threw in a few draws you’re in with a chance this week…

Moving swiftly on – this weeks winners;

In the Premiership there was two winners last weekend with a score of 13 points each – Congratulations go to Chris Snell and Jonny Gleavo! Well done guys! Who said Tracey knows more about international football eh? That win retains Snells place at the top, but he’s only a point ahead of Gleave who’s marching up the table already. Ben drops a place but stays top 3, Steph, Andy Graham, myself stay in the Champions League places, Mark Borkin leapfrogs Greg to join us there too.

At the other end, Wolfie stays bottom two points adrift from Riley who’s struggling so far. Alan Kettlewell stays in the relegation zone { 😀 } maybe you could get some help from Emma who managed to climb her way out of the bottom 4 last weekend, unfortunately that meant that Stewart was dragged back in.

Reigning champ Jonny Birch seems to be doing another Leicester, he took the league by storm and couldn’t be touched last season, this year he could be fighting for his league survival!

In the Championship, there was 3 winners last weekend that shared the pot – Congrats go to Sam Myall, Pete Louth & Marc Podesta who all scored 12 points each. Although it’s been a decent start for Sam, he still can’t get close to colleague & Shrimper, Robin Gentle, who stays top and retains his lead over Mark Robbo. Another one who’s certainly hit the ground running this season is Pete, after the heartache of relegation with his beloved Newcastle last season, you could have forgiven Pete if he’d have walked away from football altogether.. but he’s come back stronger and more focused – could it finally be his season!? A league trophy!? Howay!

Max & Pickles continue to freefall and the way it’s going, will find themselves out of the playoffs by teatime Saturday. As predicted, Tracey enjoyed another International break (HOW DO YOU ALWAYS DO IT!?) and climbs up into fourth, Anthony was another to score well last weekend and just got his nose in front to claim that seventh playoff place..

It’s still early days, but take a look in the relegation area – that’s where you’ll find the rest of my family 😀 Luke, Jessie, Ellie whats going on? Is this what watching Everton does? Only JT who’s already thrown in the towel after week 2 stops the pack being rooted to the foot of the Championship..come on guys!

Over to League One and we had just the one winner last weekend.. take a bow Stuart Gunn – you’re score of FOURTEEN was last weeks highest score across all 4 divisions! And not only that, it sent you straight to the top of the league table!!

Martin has been so impressive so far this season drops down into second, with the ever consistent Jeff Smith in third. Only a point can separate the three and it would be no surprises if Jeff was to climb to the top this weekend. Another waiting in the wings is Luke Robbo he stays fourth, just ahead of Ethan who dropped out of the top 3 for the first time this season – he’s down 3 places into fifth.  Steve Moseley and Talbot take the remaining playoff places.

The rivalry continued as Talbots score of 12 catapulted him above Jimbo, and with Adam Burtonwood finally hitting some form Jimbo is going to need to dig in deep if he’s to mount a serious title challenge this season.

It’s Kai Riley who’s currently flying the flag for the Foxhall Jnrs of the division, he’s head and shoulders above Tommy & Harry to who equally sit bottom of the league table, me’Ma and Adam Carlisle sharing a place with them in the relegation area.

Over to PNG and it was a return to winning ways for Norman Phillips! Very well done mate – you’re score of 12 was enough to lift you to the dizzy heights of… eighth?… it’s ahead of Lucky anyway so you aint last! 😀

What’s happened to Lucky? Normally you wouldn’t catch him outside the top 3, surely it won’t last.. {Alan – £10 Lucky finishes ahead of you?}

At the top, it’s still John Battle who’s looking down on the rest of the lads.. Bill & Richie who only narrowly missed out on a place on winners row last weekend, both scoring 11 are rewarded with a place in the top 3 as Eric falls to fourth!? I can’t remember the last time Eric fell a place.. atleast DaddyBear didn’t overtake him and he stays neck and neck with Tommy and Carlos stay in the playoffs.

This weekend we’re back to normality, with a return to the domestic league.

It’s also the preliminary round of the Predictions Cup so if you’re outside of the Premier League – the road for silverware begins here!! Fixtures below and the very best of luck!!

Louie Davies vs Tommy Taff

Katy Riley vs Jeff Smith

Adam Carlisle vs Dave Royle

Tommy Gunn vs Max Wright

Ellie Bennett vs Robin Gentle

Mark Morgan vs Pete Louth

Jimbo vs Luke Robinson

Stuart Gunn vs Bill Lowrie

Martin Spencely vs Paul Clarke

Anthony Considine vs Harry Ashworth

Adam Burtonwood vs Joe Bennett

John Battle vs Richie Clarke

Kai Riley vs Ethan Ashworth

Eric Surtees vs Jessie Wright

Anne Clarke vs Drew Passmore

Anthony Woodhouse vs Mark Robinson

Lucky Sanghera vs Harry Atkinson

Trazza Gleave vs Tom Pickles

Steve Moseley vs Jeannie Bennett

Sam Myall vs Andy Bentley

Luke Wright vs Carlos Nunes

Norman Phillips vs Danny Bradders

Kaden Moseley vs Marc Podesta

Daddybear vs Talbotini

For those that haven’t played before, there’s nothing extra for you to do – quite simply whoever scores the most between you and your opponent will progress through to the next round! 😀

Be sure to get you’re predictions submitted before the 12 noon deadline Saturday!!

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